Why Men Lie?

Why do men lie? Men do it all the time (and women too), and most of them do not deny that they do. At least men are honest about the fact that they do indeed lie to the women they are already in a relationship with or are trying to woo. Yet, women cannot help but wonder why men lie.

Why Does He Lie To Me?

Not only do men often lie deliberately when they are dating, but they are also usually unrepentant about it. They believe that lying is easier, while telling the truth can often be more complicated. There are actually different reasons why men lie to their girlfriends, lovers, partners and spouses, but one thing is for certain, most of them do it. If you think that your man is lying to you and do not know why does he lie, then maybe the following reasons might provide an explanation.

Men lie because they want to

Apparently, men do not always need a reason to lie. Men occasionally tell lies simply because they can and want to. As ridiculous as it may seem, sometimes they just find it absurdly humorous to fool or trick a woman by lying to her, even if it is their romantic partner that they are lying to. This not only makes them a liar but somewhat of a jerk too.

why does he lie to me?

Men lie as a matter of course

Many men just like lie habitually and it just does not occur to them that they should be telling the truth to the women they are or might be involved with. For some reason, men tend to find it awkward to just tell things the way they are and tell the truth. One reason why men lie is because to them, lies serve as a sort of a defense mechanism and telling them comes naturally.

Men lie because they find it less complicated

Men often decide that it will just be easier for them if they lie to their loved one about something so they do not have to provide long explanations and use supporting facts when telling the truth. “Why does he lie?” you might ask, and this could be one of the reasons. Men apparently have a preference for lying to their partners because they do not wish to get into lengthy stories. They believe that often making a truth seem believable can take a lot of convincing, which in turn can take a lot of effort and time. At the same time, they also fear that their partner may still look disgruntled and not satisfied even after they tell the truth, so they take the easy way out.

Men lie when the reason is innocuous

Sometimes, the lies that men tell are harmless, white lies, or at least that is how they justify their lying. At times like these, they do not lose sleep over telling a lie (or lies) to their partner is because they feel that by telling a simple little white lie, they are not hurting their partner.

Men lie because telling the truth gets them into trouble

Some men discover that whenever they attempt to tell the truth, they just end up in trouble. They feel that it never works out for them to tell the truth. Many men think that it is a great thing to be honest to their partner, but the reason why men lie even then is because they discover that evading telling the truth or lying is somehow better for them.

Men lie when they feel the truth is too much to handle for their partner

Some men feel that their partners have a tendency of blowing situations out of proportion, and reading more into them than there actually is, and so they do not tell the truth. Men often feel that they will not only be putting their relationship in danger by telling the truth, but will also be bringing on a lot of uncalled for and unnecessary discomfort and tension. Since they believe that telling the truth could lead to a possible mishap, they lie in order to avert it and save themselves from the anxiety and stress over the reaction of their partner.


Thus, the fact of the matter is that men lie. As for why men lie, by now women probably realize that men tell lies for more reasons than they could have possibly imagined. Indeed, women lie as well, and some of the above reasons may make them feel as if it is because of them that men lie. While that may or may not be true, the point is that whether men or women, they should never let it come to a point where they have to lie to their partner. It must be kept in mind that a good and healthy relationship cannot be built on lies but on honesty and telling the truth. So, why does he lie? You know why he does it, but instead of pondering over it, you should assure him that there will never be any harm whenever he tells you the truth and you will always understand him. Hopefully he will never lie to you again if he realizes that.